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In modern business and industry there is a high demand for on-line monitoring and continuous records of different types of values. With the rapid development of information technology, it is becoming easier and easier to connect different types of monitoring devices directly over the network, and in places where it was not previously possible. If your network has a direct exit to the Internet, then all collected data can be forwarded to wherever you want and anywhere in the world for free. Such high demands can be easily implemented through sensors and sensors with lan output that can ensure long-term reliability, stable parameters with very easy installation and usage. The devices are available to protect you fromdata loss after a power failure. Of course PoE (power over the network) is optional depending on the device.

Continuous monitoring of key parameters such as temperature and relative humidity can be easily monitored with the help of sensors and our software. This production line consists of a temperature sensor and a device that sends data that you have access to through our software.

Role of sensors for temperature and relative humidity measurement


Automatic monitoring of temperature and relative humidity and other parameters in laboratories, pharmacies, medical refrigerators and places where it is necessary to monitor the temperature.



Monitoring temperature and relative humidity in warehouses with commodities that can be felt at a certain temperature


Server rooms

Temperature monitoring in server rooms with equipment that must be at a certain temperature

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... and much more capabilities

Praćenje temperature u auto-industriji, prehrambenoj industriji, vinskim podrumima i ostalim područjima za koje je temperatura ključna